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Monday, June 6, 2011

There has been so much going on recently. It's been the type of stuff that takes lots of time too. Not just the easy sweep it under the rug type of stuff. Oh no! This is the vacuum it, re-vacuum, steam clean it and scrub it too type of stuff.... like my cleaning analogy? It just seems like every little task ends up taking hours. Do you ever have days like that??

                                  (picture of my beheaded cable, this is before head fell completely off)

Recently my laptop charger was beheaded. It was a very sad day when I realized that my cable was no longer charging the laptop. My laptop's battery is totally dead too. Gosh, my technology is so morbid! So anyway, my laptop will only work if plugged in... and if my cable isn't working, my laptop is useless! So I had to wait, and wait..... and wait until my wonderful mail person dropped off a wonderful package today. Now I'm back online! And today is really looking up! I really hope today is a "looking up" kind of Monday for all of you too!
With love, Becca

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Kelly said...

Oh, you make me laugh. Glad you your laptop has been revived now. :-)

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