About Me


I grew up as an average American girl. I was born in Texas but moved to California when I was young. My days were spent playing in the sun and trying to be like my big sister, Kelly.

We had that typical love/hate relationship that most siblings do when we were young. As we grew into young women our relationship changed into one of best friends.

As little girls we promised each other we’d make each other’s wedding cakes and when the time came, we kept that promise. This is where my love for baking started. I realized that baking truly was a gift from the heart and you could really have fun with it.

But before my wedding I had to find a groom, who happened to be on a cruise to Mexico in 2002. We dated for 2 years before he proposed on another cruise we took to the Bahamas. My hubby came into my life and
swept me off my feet.  


Over the years we've been very blessed. Our son Kaden was born in 2005 and our daughter Taylor was born in 2007. 

They are the light of our lives. They have brought us more joy and love than we could have ever hoped for.


My life these days is pretty crazy. I have become the type of mom who can't function without two cups of coffee. When did that happen?!?! 
                                    (....at least I have some cute coffee cups)

As a mother, it's very important to me that my kids have special childhood memories and traditions. For this reason a lot of the stuff that I do with my kids is "hands on" . I really love making crafts and finding activities to do with them. I have a lot of ideas on how to make the every day special.


I love my family and my friends. I don't take myself too seriously. I appreciate the little things and treasure the special moments. I believe it's important to laugh and to cry. 

My daddy told me I could do anything I put my heart to. I believe that is true today for all of us. You have to take life by the reins and you definitely have to put your own special touch on it. Make this life your own!

With love,