It's starting to feel like a farm here...

Monday, May 21, 2012

This past weekend we eagerly welcomed two new members to our family! We adopted 2 kittens from our good friends (who actually do have a farm). We were over there last week and had the most wonderful time. Here is a picture of my son on their zip line... He absolutely LOVED it!

But without further ado... Meet our sweet, snuggle loving "Minnie"

And our sweet, silly, adventurous "Daisy"

We fell head over heels for these two. Aren't they cute?? 

We have trouble putting them down long enough to let them explore and play. Even our good boy Seuss has taken to them.

It's so funny, my husband and I find ourselves watching them play. We just sit there and watch them like we're little kids. It's nice to have something new to break up the day to day. And I have a feeling these two will keep Seuss on his toes for quite a while.

I hope you all are keeping cool. It was 97 today here- *gah!!* And of course our air conditioning compressor died.... All I have to say is I'm so very grateful for fans! ...And popsicles :)

From my home to yours, with love,

Spring recap

Monday, May 14, 2012

When last we chatted, I was preparing for spring break, our first Passover (ever), my hubby's birthday and my little brother's graduation, in addition to my grandparents visiting from Pennsylvania and my mother in laws birthday... Oh and Easter... Hmmmm.... anything else? Oh, I started homeschooling my daughter. Yea, no big deal, haha! Sheesh it has been a crazy April! And I'm so glad it's May. Now I can get back into the swing of life.

Here's our fuzzy family pic at Passover:

Side note, the laundry detergent and softener have been working great for me. I hope you have enjoyed them too!

Some of our chickens have started to lay eggs. It's been lots of fun going to the coop and discovering eggs in the boxes. It's almost like receiving a yummy little gift every morning. And they are yummy!

For my husband's birthday he wanted a tattoo cake. I can honestly say I've never done one of those before. First I covered his cake in a buttercream fondant. Than I used a paintbrush (one only used for food) and food coloring and painted the tattoos on. But I found these great markers in the baking section at Walmart that are made for writing on food. So our kids took a side of the cake and decorated it for Daddy :) They were so proud and it was very sweet. And simple! You should try it!

I was never super into gardening until I moved here. But since moving here I've been an avid gardener. I've planted all sorts of fruit trees, which are still living! Yay! But most exciting has been the corn, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, carrots, tomatoes and sunflowers. Corn was something I never really thought much about trying to grow. I thought you needed a big open field to grow it. Well... It turns out that corn loves my yard. It has flourished and is over a foot tall now. I promise you every day I walk in the garden it seems like it's grown's like a teenager! lol! It's been fun for the kids to watch too. Our corn and sunflowers are having a race to see who grows the tallest and fastest.  Here is my corn, fingers crossed it actually produces some good ears!

What a crazy month and a half it has been... remind me not to plan so much next March-April! Good thing May is looking more relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, I hope all you mother's out there had a wonderful mother's day! My day was wonderful, but looking back I have to admit, every day is pretty wonderful. I can't imagine spending my days with better people or in a better place. 

feeling truly blessed :) 

With love, from my home to yours,