Bringing in the New Year

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On December 26th my husband and I let out a sigh of relief... it's over. As sad as we are to see it done, we're looking forward to the start of a new year.....and looking forward to all these goodies being out of the house. I mean, seriously?! No wonder I have to set New Year's Resolutions, my friends are determined to make me fat over the holidays! But it was worth it. The best part of this past holiday season was Christmas morning. As stressed out and overwhelmed as we were in the weeks leading up to Christmas it was SO worth it! Seeing our kids eyes light up and hearing the squeals of delight was priceless. 

I must admit I've been tackling the tedious job of organizing after Christmas. It looks like a toy store bomb went off in my house. Not to mention the not so fun task of taking down Christmas decorations :(

As I push on with "cleaning" I'm thinking to myself what exactly I plan to accomplish in 2011. There's always my typical eat healthy... last year I actually went to vegetarian and....well...that didn't last a full year. It did last about 10 months though. Maybe if I make a resolution to work out I can keep it for 10 months?? Hmm... doubtful. So I'm not quite sure what my New Years Resolution will be. Do you know what yours will be?


Friday, December 10, 2010

This year has been completely overwhelming. I'm not sure why I've gotten so much busier....but life has literally been flying by. Add in laundry, everyday cleaning, feeding the family ect. and it's insane. Oh, and it's December so let's also add a ton of cookies to make, cards to send out, family visiting, my birthday and can I just pass out now?! Do I sound like a scrooge? That was kinda how I was feeling. I totally lost sight the magic and the whole point of Christmas. I think it's easy to be stressed out and overwhelmed this time of year....but that's when we need to re-focus, re-organize, and treat ourselves to those high caloric eggnog drinks ;) I mean, who really cares (besides yourself) how many cookies are sent out. Send 4 instead of 8. You don't have to be the sole provider of their Christmas cookies....and we all need a moment to relax. 

This past weekend we took the kids to Disneyland. And let me just say, their isn't a whole lot more magical than Disneyland all dressed up for Christmas. Add in 8 real reindeer, Mrs. Claus and yes....Santa was their too. It was such a magical time and brought back a little peace and some energy to my soul. I hope you all can find the magic and keep in mind the reason for the season. 

Christmas Decorating

Friday, December 3, 2010

I know I haven't posted in quite a while. To say that Thanksgiving wiped me out was an understatement. I was exhausted! Then it seemed like Christmas was flying towards me at light speed....and I wasn't ready! This year it seems like everything has been more difficult. I think that the new school schedule has really thrown my typical plans through a loop. But I'm finally rested up and ready to tackle the season. First up on the list...decorating. I like to get all those little places that most people don't decorate. For example:

Above the microwave:

On top of the fridge:

Next to the phone:

Every year I decorate my china hutch. I put my special (aka breakable) decorations on top and then add garland around them. 

I also add some ornaments and garland inside too :)

For those of you in apartments, why not bring the lights inside?? On top of a mirror is the perfect place!

Here's some more decorating snapshots and maybe ideas.... my favorite is the mistletoe ball on the stairs :)