Dinner Party

Monday, October 25, 2010

I keep saying to myself, I really need to finish up costumes, booths and treats....but instead I'm playing host. There's nothing I love more than throwing a dinner party. I love setting up the table and figuring out the menu. I'm not sure why, but I just have so much fun! A dinner party shouldn't be stressfull, it should be a time for friends to come together to have a good time. Here's a couple of my tips that might help you out with your own dinner party....or maybe they'll inspire you to host one!

My tips for a dinner party:
1) Go ahead, pull out the china....besides it only gets used a couple times a year. Show it off!
2) Add a seperate water glass in addition to a wine glass. The restaurants do it and it makes your table look very elegant. (And yes, I do realize that in these pictures I hadn't added the water glasses yet).
3) Use chargers! No, I'm not voting for my favorite football team, I'm talking about the fake plates that go under the china. Chargers are bigger plates, sometimes made out of plastic, that are decorative and meant to add a decorative touch to your dinner plates.
4) Add a personal touch. Instead of name cards I write quotes on cards. We had our friends over last week and I wrote friendship quotes on the cards. We read the quotes out loud during the dinner which not only gave us something to talk about but also gave us an oportunity to tell them what great friends they are to us.

I hope these tips help you out with your next dinner party. And remember, have fun!

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