Welcoming the new year and a new city...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Mine was filled with moving boxes.

Even with all the moving boxes it was a very special times for us. We are all moved into our new home and loving it. I'm still trying to figure out some organizational ideas....but I am determined to get this house in order :) It is really tough with two little kids to unpack and organize. I had to open about 5 boxes just to remember where I packed my daughter's pajamas. And while I'm in my room trying to unpack clothes the kids are in the playroom "unpacking toys." Oh yea.. "unpacking" is not the word I would use. More like creating a colossal pile of toys that are strewn across the floor. Awesome..... But besides the nitty gritty work, I've been able to do some fun things to the house, like new appliances, new fans, new fireplace screen, etc. Here's some pics of the new house.

My new fireplace screen. I removed the brass lined glass - which was so easy to do! And it made such a difference. I love not having it there!

Here's my new reading nook....aka favorite spot in the house!

Since this picture I have gotten a new above the stove microwave :)

One of my favorite things about our new town is that you can see a lot of nature here. There is room to breathe.... This is a pic from our "local highway" it's basically a really long road where the speed limit is the same as the freeway speed.

Next to do is unpacking craft stuff!!!! :) 

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byrdflock dad said...

Wonderful home. May God bless all who enter.

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