Wedding Cake Topper

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's been a very busy week's starting to feel like I'm saying that a lot! Let me explain....

It's wedding week! My husband's and my good friends are getting married this Friday. My hubby is a groomsman, my son is the ring bearer, my daughter is the flower girl and I'm the baker. It's seriously a family affair.   

In between pick-ups, alterations, fittings, bachelor parties and baseball practice I've been working away on their cake. The first step in this cake was to make the topper. It's a fondant sculpture of the bride and groom.
The groom is a firefighter (of course he's in his suspenders) and the bride (who is gorgeous) is sitting on his lap while staring into his eyes .... *sigh*... I love weddings ... 

Here's some pictures of the newly finished topper. I'll be posting pics of the cake when I'm done :) But I have to wait till after Friday, I can't let the bride sneak a peak ;)

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