Children's Place Cards

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taking the few extra minutes to make place cards for kids can make a huge impact. I really like turkeys so I decided to do a turkey for the kids but you could really do anything. I went to my local craft store and purchased large foam sheets of brown for about $1.99 each. The eyeballs were also purchased there for $0.99. This craft is pretty inexpensive. It would actually be a great craft to do with kids (age preschool and up).

1) I cut out a circle shape with scalloped edge scissors. Two per turkey.
2) glue feathers to the top of one brown circle. Apply other circle on top. Do not apply any glue to bottom half
3) I glued the eyes on. The beak and gobbler were hand made out of construction paper. Glue under eyes.
4) I hand cut a little sign like the turkey was saying the kid's name out of white construction paper.
5) Cut the base of the turkey so it's flat.
6) Let dry. Then gently pull the bottom apart to create a standing turkey. Done

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