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Friday, September 24, 2010

I know I said my next post would be about pumpkin pie filling, but since I didn't write this next post I figure it's fine :) I thought on my Friday posts I'd take a minute to showcase other awesome blogs. This Friday I've chosen to showcase my sister's blog www.everkelly.com. So here's my first "Flip-Flop Friday" post. Hope you enjoy!

DIY Birch Bulletin Board

Happy Friday, everyone!  Well this week was my first attempt at MWF posting as I sprint towards Fall Quilt Market, and I missed being here every day.  However, I’m getting a lot done so I hope you’ll hang in there with me.  Just 5 weeks to go.
Today I wanted to share a simple, but pretty how to project.  In the class I’m taking, we’re creating lots of mood boards and color stories so I wanted to have a nice place to display my inspirations.  I thought this turned out so well, that you might want to make one too.  I love how the opalescent paint is subtle enough that it won’t compete with what I pin to the board, but still provides something pretty to look at when it’s blank.
First things first — The Materials:
Let’s get started…
1)  Staple your fabric and batting to the board. Lay your fabric face down on the floor and then layer your batting on top followed by the homasote board.  Pull the fabric as taut as you can as you staple working from the center of each edge towards the corners.  If you’ve ever watched anything on HGTV, you already know how to do this step, but here’s a post where I used the same technique if you need a little more help.  Here’s the board upholstered and ready to go:
2) Mark off your birch trees with blue painter’s tape. Have fun with this step.  Your trees shouldn’t be perfectly straight since they certainly wouldn’t be in the woods.  I made some of the trees a little wider towards the bottom.
3) Cut small triangle shapes to create lines on the birch trees. I found that slightly irregular shapes looked a little bit better, and I tried to cut the triangles smaller for the skinnier trees.  Other than that, there are no rules on this step.  Just keep adding triangles and lines until you like the arrangement.
4) Paint. Before you paint each tree, take a moment to run your finger over each piece of tape to make sure it is adhered tightly to the board.  Grab a sponge brush and paint each of the tree sections smoothing out your brush strokes as you go.
5) Remove tape and marvel at your lovely inspiration board.   (Picture at the top).  If you’re wondering how long I waited before removing the tape, I gave it a minute or so.  The screen printing ink is very thick so it won’t run anywhere.
How will you hang it? There is a flush-mount hanger-fastener at the bottom of this post that would work perfectly. We found the fasteners at a boutique hardware store.  (For some reason, I can never find them at big box stores like Home Depot.)
Let me know if you’re going to try this one!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I think I’m going to be playing around with my new inspiration board and hopefully spending some time outside with the camera.  Take care, Kelly

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