Saturday, February 18, 2012

This week has been a week full of...well....I'm not really sure. I don't remember a lot of it. Seriously though. I don't. On Monday my son stayed home from school sick and I started to come down with what would soon be revealed to be the flu. My hubby even stayed home two days last week which is amazing because he never stays home so I MUST have been pretty sick. To be honest this past week was just miserable. I still feel as if my body has been hit by a truck and the lingering deep cough is not helping my muscles feel any better.

But on a happy note, I did finish my coop-a-cabana sign before I came down with the flu.  I think the coop has turned out so cute. The chickens are growing rapidly and it won't be too much longer till they'll be ready for their coop! Yay!

New Adventures!....seems like there are a lot of those recently...

Monday, February 6, 2012

After a month and a half of unpacking, reorganizing, hanging stuff we are at home. The kids are thoroughly enjoying the room and so am I. Favorite part of this house by far is the playroom :) 2 weeks ago we felt settled enough to bring in 8 more family members....Oh yea. It started out as 4, we bought 6, and left with 8...
Meet the newest members of the "Soder Flock"

This is my Silkie, Ella:

This is one of our Americanas, Hedwig:

My son's Americana, Chipmunk (Can you guess why she's named that?):

This is my daughter's Frizzle, aptly named Mrs Frizzle:

My Black Copper Maran named Madeline:

Another Americana named Fanny:

Americana named Maggie:

It has been so fun watching these gals develop their own personalities. I say gals, because sadly we can't keep any roosters. The kids have fallen for the chicks and are having fun holding them and caring for them. 

Here I am with Hedwig (who's hiding in this pic) the night we got them

My daughter with Mrs. Frizzle

And my hubby with his Silkie, Lucy, who is a snuggler and has captured my hubby's heart

My son with Chipmunk

Who knew chicken's could be so much fun! We purchased some that will give us all different colors of eggs. The chicks will be ready for their coop when they are about 2 months old, it depends on how feathered they are by that time. I'm working on a sign for the coop. I've decided to name it "Coop-A-Cabana".  Pictures to come shortly ;)