Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a crazy summer it's been so far! I can't believe how time is just flying away from me. There is obviously way too much going on. I've been trying to keep the kids busy and tire them out, yet it seems like I'm tiring me out. By bedtime I'm a zombie already. Well, school starts up next month - which is bittersweet. It was only a couple weeks ago that my son graduated from kindergarten. And next month I'll be packing lunch and he'll be at school for a full day (kindergarten here is only half day).  *sniffle*  But I did make my son and his friends a cute graduation cake for our block party we had. I put the school mascot (...if you'd call it that, it's a rocket ship) on the cake to show school spirit.

And the most notable of the summer (so far) was my son's beach birthday party. I think I'll be putting the invites under the templates on my website. And I'm planning on doing a post about Beach Birthday Parties- it'll include invite templates, cake and cupcake ideas (see pictures below) and party favor ideas.

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